Backcountry skiing and avalanche safety

by Jean Pavillard on December 13, 2012

Before venturing into the backcountry  check your gear, especially your safety gear. Make sure you know how to assemble your probe and shovel, check your transceiver , add new batteries, organize a training session with your buddies as we all need a reminder about the use of the transceiver, searching techniques.

In January i will be ski touring with the hines ski team in Canada, at Mustang Powder and from January 14-19 I will be leading an all mountain, backcountry ski camp in Aspen. you will have an two options, 1; A 3 days camp or 2; the full 6 days. this camp will cover skiing techniques, we will ski two days at the resort practicing techniques that will allow you to ski with confidence anywhere. The other days we will cover backcountry techniques such as tour plan, route finding, track setting, avalanche safety. on the last day we will climb and ski a peak. don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or you can also contact Steve at Aspen alpine guide.

For more information contact;

Jean Pavillard: 1-970-209-3980  or

Steve Szarodi: 1-970-925-6618 or    /



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